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Quality & Innovation Distinction Programme


IQuonIC is a distinction programme in Quality and Innovation in Healthcare for NUHS residents. It is a three-year certificate programme to allow NUHS residents the opportunity to develop skills in quality improvement and empower them as agents of change. The programme runs in parallel with the various junior and senior residency programmes.

IQuonIC’s logo consists of a hand placed beneath illuminated light bulbs. The light bulbs symbolise new and bright ideas. The hand has five fingers, symbolising the five tenets of the programme, namely Quality, Innovation, Collaboration, Empowerment (of patients and residents) and Value.

The residents’ projects will focus on one or more of these tenets. The fingertips of the human hand form a circle, such that though the fingers are of differing lengths, they are all equal spokes of a circle. Ultimately, the power of change is in our hands.

You can do the same old same old every day, or you can be the one who makes a difference. Are you looking for an opportunity to learn a different set of skills? Do you want to be an agent of change? Would you like to be future ready? Then IQuonIC may be just what you’re looking for.

In today’s competitive world, this may be just what you need to give you that edge when it comes to job applications and the credentials for a future career as a clinician leader.


Download detailed program information here


How to Apply?

Application Window: Now - 1 April 2019

Eligibility: All junior and senior residents

Required documents:1-page statement of interest + letter of support from PD / HOD

Write in to hui_sze_lee@nuhs.edu.sg to apply or to know more

Contact Us

Programme Director:
Dr Manjari Lahiri
Email: manjari_lahiri@nuhs.edu.sg

Programme Coordinator
Ms Lee Hui Sze
Email: hui_sze_lee@nuhs.edu.sg