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NUHS scientists featured in Singapore Scientific Pioneers book

02-Aug-2016 (Tue) article archive:   


Dedicated to all scientists in Singapore, past and present,  Singapore’s Scientific Pioneers was made possible by grants from the SG50 Celebration Fund and Nanyang Technological University.  The book features the inspiring personal stories of Singapore’s pioneers in science and technology, and it also includes stories of some of our prominent NUHS scientists.  This is a good showcase of the collective efforts of these scientists who helped propel Singapore’s technological and scientific advances.


The book was launched on August 29, 2015, with Professor Lim Pin, former vice-chancellor of the National University of Singapore, as the Guest-of-Honor.



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What’s Different About Asia? 

Upon learning firsthand that Asian and Caucasian patients responded differently to cancer drugs, Professor John EL Wong founded the Cancer Therapeutics Research Group to study these differences.


A Steady Hand At The Helm  

When Singapore was struggling with the SARS outbreak in 2003, ex-director of medical services, Professor Tan Chorh Chuan had to make some difficult - but necessary - decisions.  


Tea And Mitochondria

It is only fitting that ex-biochemistry professor, Sit Kim Ping, weaves terms such as “mitochondria” and “ATP” into her handmade quilts.  


Building A Treasure Chest Of Medical Data

Professor Kanagaratnam Shanmugaratnam set up the Singapore Cancer Registry in 1967, a time when everything had to be done by hand; this meant meticulously transferring decades of data to now-obsolete punch cards.  


Growing A Research Culture

Professor Lim Pin, the National University of Singapore’s longest-serving vice-chancellor, was instrumental in Singapore’s journey to becoming the medical research hub that it is today.  


Conceiving Many World Firsts

Professor Ariff Bongso has been at the forefront of both in vitro fertilization and stem cell research. 


Source: These articles were first published in the non-commercial book Singapore's Scientific Pioneers, which was sponsored by grants from the SG50 Celebration Fund and Nanyang Technological University.