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Evidence+ Issue 20 (Dec 2017)


Feature Story: We Are One: In the wake of its reorganisation, the NUHS cluster has a newly-updated vision, mission and core values.

Hitting the Mark | A First for Singapore Hospitals |
"Thank You for All the Hard Work" | Team-Building at Work |
A Colourful Welcome | Welcome On Board | United in Healthcare |
Building Bonds | Excellence on the Field | Cancer in Focus |
First-ever "Live" Satellite Transmission of Heart Surgical Procedures |
A Shining Example | Riding for a Cause

We Are One

A Close Look at Age-Related Macular Degeneration |
Where the Experts Are | Health Buddies in Your Smartphone |
Making Strides

Thanking the Teachers | New MedSoc Exco Members Step Up |
A New Chapter | Taking on Healthcare Gaps Together |
Smiles All Round | Poster-Perfect

Out of the Shadows | More Harm than Good | Add to Your Bookshelf |
Helping Hearts Heal | Functional Fun | A Smart Solution

Staying Connected | Towards a Heart-Healthy Singapore |
Art with a Heart | Going Green Together | NUH Physiotherapy Day |
Making Health Screenings Convenient | HAPPY Seniors for a Healthy Nation


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Evidence+ Issue 19 (August 2017)


Feature Story: A Tribute to Nurses: Highest Honours for Champions of Care

Institutional News
Distinction in Healthcare Innovation | Making Their Mark |
National Day Awards 2017 | One NUHS Together for Singapore |
Visual Tribute to Everyday Heroes | Solutions for a Better Future |
A Learning Journey | Meeting Point | Get Social |
Minister's Visit to CNRC | Thanks for the Support

Paying Tribute to Nurses

Clinical Care
Healthcare Closer to Home | Saving More Lives | More Holistic Support |
As Easy as ABC

A Warm Welcome | A Finger on the Pulse |
A Hearty Read | Marking Milestones | Fresh Batch of Healthcare
Professionals | First NUS Emeritus Professor of Public Health |
Top-of-Mind Awareness

An Alternative to Liver Transplants? | Promoting Cancer Research |
Advancing Population Health Research | Reimagining Healthcare |
Decoding Data | Championing Collaboration

Civic Efforts Lauded | Lessons in Health | Shop Right, Eat Right! |
Encouraging Exercise | A Strong Partnership |
Spreading the Word on Blood Donation


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Evidence+ Issue 18 (June 2017)


Feature Story: Raising Standards via Smart Solutions

Institutional News
Tribute to Healthcare Heroes | NUS Dentistry Students Win
Prestigious Award | Saluting 'Safety First' | Joining the Ranks | Towards a More Secure Campus | Welcome On Board | A Shared Vision for the Future | Moving Towards a New Model of Care| Wellbeing at Heart

Clinical Care
A Test to Swallow | Magic in the Wards | Don't Run Any Risk | A Winning Combo | Rehab on the Go | Keeping an Eye on it

A Combined Approach | Combating Colorectal Cancer | Ready for the Future | A New Focus | All Things Sleep | Let's Talk Thrombosis | Improving Capabilities

An Unlikely Connection | When Ignorance is not Bliss | A Fruity Cure | Sharing Knowledge

Silver Volunteers Answer the Call | Bringing Healthcare to Hawkers | Celebrating Public Health | A New Paint Job | Defeating Diabetes


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Evidence+ Issue 17 (April 2017)


Feature Story: Better Integration Better Healthcare

Institutional News
First Visit as Second Permanent Secretary | IAP Calls on SSHSPH |
An Exchange of Ideas | Still Going Strong | NUHS to Operate Alexandra Hospital in 2018 |National Medical Research Council Awards 2017 Recipients

Better Integration Better Healthcare

Clinical Care
Gut���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s the Answer | Taking on Allergies | Best-Selling Doctors | Expanding Capabilities | Strengthening Paediatric Dentistry

An Eye on the Future | Reaching New Heights | A Revamped MPH Curriculum |
They're All Ears | Stronger Together

Nurturing the Next Generation of Researchers | Eczema in Infants Linked to Tooth Decay | Antibiotics-Related Myths Debunked | Never Too Young to have a Heart Attack |New Combination Therapy for High Risk Heart Attack Patients

Student Healthcare Volunteers visit Pekanbaru, Indonesia | Jamiyah Partners NUHS to Build Capabilities |Celebrating Health in the Heartlands |Strengthening Community-Based Care | Cancer Care on the Go | Heart Support Group Goes Snap-Happy | Shaping the Future of Public Health | Perfect Knots | Improving Colon Health | Supporting Organ Donation |Matters of the Heart | Every Drop Counts


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Evidence+ Issue 16 (January 2017)


Feature Story: Enhancing Care for Heart Patients

- News Bites : Happenings in the NUHS
- Cover Story : Enhancing care for heart patients
- Feature : Giving in every way
- Feature : Gaining through giving
- Fresh Perspective : The heart matters


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Evidence+ Issue 15 (October 2016)


Feature Story: Putting ALL the pieces together to fight leukaemia

- News Bites : Happenings in the NUHS
- Cover Story : Putting ALL the pieces together to fight leukaemia
- Feature : Giving Singapore healthier smiles
- Feature : See something, do something
- Fresh Perspective : Going places in cancer research
- Feature: Spotlight on national award winners


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Evidence+ Issue 14 (August 2016)


Feature Story: Doing More To Keep Diabetes At Bay

- News Bites : Happenings in the NUHS
- Cover Story : Doing More To Keep Diabetes At Bay
- Feature : Community Support For Stroke Survivors
- Feature : Managing Risks For Better Healthcare
- Fresh Perspective : Getting To The Heart Of Things
- Fast Facts : Slow Down The Sugar Rush


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Evidence+ Issue 13 (May 2016)


Feature Story: Extending Care To Your Home

- News Bites : Happenings in the NUHS
- Cover Story : Extending Care To Your Home
- Feature : Going The Distance For Mental Health
- Feature : An Athlete's Hub
- Fresh Perspective : He Kids You Not


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Evidence+ Issue 12 (January 2016)


Feature Story: Bringing Cancer Care Home

- FYI : Eye Opener
- Grand Rounds : The Giving Tree 2015
- Discovery : New Heart Valve
- Second Opinion : Playing as a Team
- Classroom : PHS Expands its Scope
- Grand Rounds : Palm Oil and Heart Problems
- Fast Facts : Vegetable Oil: Read the Label


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Evidence+ Issue 11 (October 2015)


Feature Story: Honouring Medicine's Best

- Grand Rounds : A Gift for the Ages
- Grand Rounds : New National centre to Address Emerging Oral Health Needs
- Discovery : Male Fertility Gets a Boost
- Discovery : A New Hope
- Second Opinion : Stroke Rehabilitation : Benefits & Barriers
- Clinical Care : Miracle Baby
- Fast Facts : Public Health Service


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Evidence+ Issue 10 (July 2015)


Feature Story: Commemorative Issue - The NUS Medical School Turns 110

- 110 Years of Medical Milestones
- Our Kind of Doctors
- They Made a Difference
- Learning the Art of Medicine
- Understanding the Nature of the Beast
- Healthcare Professionals with Heart & Soul
- Affairs of the Heart
- Clinical Imaging's Answer to the Hubble Telescope
- Serving the Community
- Medicine's Backroom Boys
- Classes of 2015
- Blood, Sweat & Tears
- Ethics, Seriously
- The Road Less Travelled
- Starting 'Em Young
- Geriatric Medicine Gets Rediscovered
- Body of Learning
- Students' Provedore
- The Science of Life
- International Voices
- The Reason for Giving


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Evidence+ Issue 9 (April 2015)


Feature Story: Reading Vital Stats Remotely

- Discovery: Manipulating Cells
- Second Opinion: Ebola: A Doctor's View from the Epicentre
- Grand Rounds: 21st-Century Public Health Management
- The Professions: Bed Traffic Control
- Grand Rounds: Singapore's Role in Global Healthcare
- Clinical Care: At the Frontier of Public-Private Medical Partnership


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Evidence+ Issue 8 (January 2015)


Feature Story: Prospects for Growth - What a long-term study of newborns & their mothers reveals

- Discovery: Fat? It's Just a Big Turn-off/Multitasking? Forget About It!
- Clinical Care: The Heart of the Problem
- Grand Rounds: Clueless About Stoke
- Second Opinion: Help of the Helpless
- The Professions: A Rare Breed
- Fast Facts: Once More, With GUSTO


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Evidence+ Issue 7 (October 2014)


Feature Story: Cancer Treatment - The Next Wave

- Grand Round: Insights into Depression
- Bench to Bedside: Matters of the Heart
- Second Opinion: Eyeing Medical Volunteerism
- Classroom: Giving Dental Graduates More Bite
- The Professions: State of Emergency
- Fast Facts: Celebrating 85 Years: Faculty of Dentistry


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Evidence+ Issue 6 (July 2014)


Feature Story: Take a Tablet - Rehab Goes Hi-Tech

- Bench to Bedside: Good Vibes
- Classroom: Teaching of Pathology Goes Digital
- Clinical Care: Master Nurses
- Second Opinion: Private-Public Partnership Works
- Gear: Saving Face
- Fast Facts: Type-2 Diabetes


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Evidence+ Issue 5 (April 2014)


Feature Story: Food for Thought - A New Centre for Nutritional Science Opens

- Grand Rounds: Life, Love & Cancer
- Clinical Care: Finding NEMO
- The Professions: Mind & Body
- Bench to Bedside: Hope for All
- Second Opinion: The Making of a NUHS Resident
- Gear: Sensei Shows the Way
- Fast Facts: Supporting Nature Birth


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Evidence+ Issue 4 (January 2014)


Feature Story: Medical Ethics Casebook - A Timely Learning Tool

- Second Opinion: Kinfolk as Caregivers
- Clinical Care: Matters of the Heart
- Classroom: Hearing & Responding to a Need / A Hip of Trouble
- The Professions: Be My Baby
- Gear: Best of Both Worlds
- Fast Facts: Festive Feasting?


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Evidence+ Issue 3 (October 2013)


Feature Story: Genetic Roots of Heart Fallure

- The Professions: The Blood Whisperer
- Second Opinion: Turn off the Tap!
- Grand Rounds: Healthcare Around the Corner and in Your Neighborhood
- Classroom: Reality Bites/Ethical Acts
- Gear: Not for Dummies!
- Fast Facts: Memory Bank


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Evidence+ Issue 2 (July 2013)


Feature Story: Body of Work

- Bench to Bedside: A Kinder Cut
- Grand Rounds: Portrait of a Paediatrician
- The Professions: He Sees Dead People
- Gear: Crustacean Creativity
- Fast Facts: A Digital Reflection of NUHS' Dedicated Nurses


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Evidence+ Issue 1 (April 2013)


Feature Story: Activation & Suppression - Waging War Inside Our Bodies

- Bench to Bedside: ID-ing the Vulnerable
- Grand Rounds: Pow-wow for Asian Health Issues
- Fast Facts: NUHS' Residency Programme
- The Professions: A Heart-Stopping Job
- Second Opinion: Dealing with Delirium
- Gear: Hear, Hear!


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